Lose Weight With The Power of Raspberry Ketone

Anti Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone

The weight loss industry is full of broken promises and disappointment. Most companies rely on hype and gimmicks to sell products instead of just doing the research, putting in the time, and focusing on formulating amazing products. We were as tired of this as you are so we decided to take a stand and formulate a revolutionary new product based around the fat loss agent Raspberry Ketone. The anti-obese action of raspberry ketone is backed by science and real world results, a combination of truths often not present for other weight loss pills. We are extremely excited about the release of Raspberry Tones. We think this product is going to become a forerunner in the fat loss industry.

The anti-obese action of raspberry ketone is due to its effects on the metabolic process. When sufficient amounts of raspberry ketone are ingested, it signals the body to begin to produce elevated amounts of norepinephrine. The increased production of this neurotransmitter can lead to increased breakdown of fatty tissue into fatty acids. Once broken down into fatty acids, they can be used as energy to fuel your busy lifestyle. Furthermore, raspberry ketone also increases the production of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), an enzyme used to metabolise fat tissue. This increase in HSL contributes to positive changes in body composition. Exercise and a good diet can help increase the amount of fat tissue burned when combined with raspberry ketone supplementation.

Raspberry Tones combines 250mg of raspberry ketone with several other efficacious fat loss ingredients. Each capsule of Raspberry Tones contains African Mango (as featured on Dr. Oz) as well as a blend of caffeine, green tea, apple cider vinegar, kelp, and grapefruit powder. These ingredients have been shown to increase fat loss above and beyond what can be attained through exercise alone. By combining these effective ingredients with raspberry ketone, we hope to help those serious about losing weight achieve their fat loss goals.

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