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Many people have begun talking about the benefits of using Raspberry Ketones to assist with weight loss. Dr. Oz played a big part in starting the conversation when he hosted the product on his show this past February. It has since received a lot of attention in various media outlets word of mouth began to spread. Although many people think that Raspberry Ketones appeared out of nowhere, Dr. Oz actually mentioned this product as early as April 2011.

The recent increase in talk did not begin until Dr. Oz featured the product again in February 2012. Many people asked why the response to Raspberry Ketones was so much larger after the February 2012 appearance, and the answer was in the length of the segments. The April 2011 segment lasted 75 seconds while the February 2012 appearance went for five minutes and labeled Raspberry Ketones the number one fat buster in a segment called "5 fat busters, 5 body types, 5 days."

In this segment, Dr. Oz and Lisa Lynn spoke about how the supplement is very healthy, has no side effects and how they can help your body burn fat. They also spoke about how the product has been linked to Adiponectin, a hormone that "naturally tricks your body into acting like it's thin." The way that Raspberry Ketone was portrayed in the second Dr. Oz show appearance really gave these products a surge in popularity and introduced many people to a new weight loss option.

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