Lose Weight With The Power of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Dr. Oz

Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring organic chemical that is found in red raspberries. This natural component of raspberries is synthesized and put in capsules as a weight loss support agent. Raspberry ketone side effects have not been presented in any scientific source and are believed to be safe and effective. It is important to note, however, that those with raspberry allergies should contact their health care provider before using any raspberry ketone products.

Our raspberry ketone product does contain other fat loss ingredients, each of which has been shown to be safe and effective. Because our product contains caffeine, it may be wise to assess your caffeine tolerance prior to taking the recommended dosage. We recommend taking (1) pill twice daily. We suggest that you gradually increase to the full dosage. For the first two days of raspberry ketone supplements, take one pill. Once your caffeine tolerance is assessed, increase your intake to the full dosage. Ensure that you drink plenty of water daily. About 8 glasses is standard.

Although the ingredients in this product have been deemed safe and side effects are unlikely, lessen the dose to one capsule a day if you experience any unwanted side effects. If side effects persist, discontinue product use.

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